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Berkeley Decks/Patios Buildup or Repairs

Decks and patios increase your living space and provide you with a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings. They are a great refuge when you need to relax after a busy day. Old decks must be repaired if you want to keep them performing well.

Decking Services in Berkeley

There is a wide range of decking services that we provide at Feraru & Associates. Some of the services that we provide are as follows:

  • Deck building
  • Deck lighting
  • Deck drainage
  • Deck maintenance & repairs
  • Pool deck

In addition to all these services we provide solutions for all types of projects associated with deck building and repair.

Deck/Patio Designs & Plans

The selection of a deck or patio depends on the site and your personal preference. If the yard of your home is sloped or has poor drainage then a deck is an ideal choice for you.  A deck can provide a solid, level surface above uneven or soggy soil.  A patio of cement, stone or similar pavers is an ideal choice for level sites. The designing process starts with the project manager visiting your site to inspect the location and to discuss a design and a plan based on your requirements. The overall budget depends on the quality of work material used and the site location of the deck.

Costs for Deck/Patio Projects

The cost for building decks and patios depends on the quality and quantity of the materials.  Also, the design complexity of the deck or patio is a factor that may increase the cost of the installation. 

Deck/Patio Types

There are various kinds of materials used for decks and patios, which can enhance the beauty of your home; some of the major ones are as follows:

  • Real Stone: Stone has the most natural outlook, most durable but also the most expensive type of patio materials.
  • Stone Veneer: Stone veneer generally contains most of the benefits and advantages of real stone and is a comparatively lighter type of patio materials which could reduce the cost.
  • Plain Concrete:This is the most affordable deck/patio material with the advantage of the least maintenance among all other deck materials.
  • Brick: It is the most widely used material in making decks due to its ease of installation and beauty.
  • Colored Concrete: This type of material can be stamped and molded to look like other deck materials.
  • Tiles: They can be used virtually on any type of surface.  Tiles are very comfortable to walk on and relatively smooth which makes it safe to use.

Feraru & Associates Residential Deck/Patio Builders

We provide residential solutions for deck/patio builders. We provide services which can increase the living area of your home or provide a space for a perfect weekend gathering.

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If you are looking to build a deck or patio or need to rebuild your older deck or patio contact us for a free estimate.

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