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Our partners take care of all your needs with same level of perfection and intelligence as we do. Some of our major trusted partners are as follows:

Scott Sparling, P.E

Scott Sparling

Civil/Structural Engineering
Consulting and Construction Management

They provide consultation for civil and structural engineering. The initial consultation in Berkeley is free of cost. This firm provides services to property owners, architects, contractors and realtors looking for consulting and management for larger construction projects.

Cass Morris

Cass Morris

Color & Design Consulting

Architectural Color and Design - interior and exterior - In the San Francisco Bay area since 1987

Cass Morris is a firm which was established in 1987 and they are experienced design consultants for projects that involve color & designing of interiors/exteriors. They have experienced and skilled workers, focused on surface design, decorative finish, graphic design and fine arts. They provide a free initial consultation where you will determine the type & quality of color to be used and an estimate of the overall budget needed.

Christopher R. Becker


Christopher R. BeckerChristopher R. Becker 1

Christopher R. Becker is our partner taking care of all the designing issues. He is a creative professional designer with over 10 years of experience with interior design and structural architecture. He has completed his degree course from MIT and Columbia University.

Christopher’s experience in this field helps him reduce your overall project costs without distorting the quality of your project.

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