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Cabinetry making is cabinets of various materials and structures which involves many skills like creating appropriate joints, dados, bevels, chamfers and shelving systems. The cabinetry products at Ferraru & Associates are one of the best in the market and our prices are affordable when compared to our competitors. We are building cabinetries which not only enhance in the beauty of your home but also are durable. We specialize in all types of cabinets including bathroom, kitchen, office, kitchen cabinets etc. The quality of material used by us in building cabinetries is the best of the lot. The cabinetry products companies we work with are as follows:

  • Diamond
  • Silver Walker


Diamond cabinets are associate with superior furniture for more than thirty years. Diamond products are aimed at creating furniture which not only increases the beauty of your cabinet but they also have got the property of strength and durability. The maintenance issue with the product is not a matter of concern. The products of diamond cabinets are rough and tough with an additional features of beauty of stylish finish in them. We will be pleased to provide you with an experience of quality craftsmanship and style at our firm.

Silver walker

If you are a lover of classical types of cabinetry then Silver Walker is your best choice. Silver walkers specialize in crafted cabinetry for every room in your home. Their level of perfection and craftsmanship is same for classical as well as modern cabinetries. The workers aren't doing this job only for money but also because those workers have a passion of true craftsmanship in them. The workers keep notes of all your needs and try their level best to fulfill them. They provide highest quality of cabinetry which is aimed at providing a healthier environment both inside and outside your home. To view some examples, visit our portfolio page.

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If you have decided to install a cabinetry at your home or workplace and want the best in the city to fulfill your dream, just contact us and one of our representative will come at your place as soon as possible. The best part is that we provide this initial consultation free of cost. The consultation is aimed at deciding on the quality and type of Feraru products that you want to choose for your cabinetry, they also give you some suggestion which could lower the budget and increase the efficiency of your project. Before starting the job client will recieved final estimate of your project and if you feel satisfied with this you can sign the remodeling contract services in Berkeley.

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