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Doors and Locks

Doors and locks are like guards of your home and like guards the doors and locks should always be tough and strong. At Ferrau & Associates we install doors and lock products which are not only strong and tough but are also very trendy and good looking.

Door and Lock products

We install a wide range of doors and lock products which are best suited for your place. The cost of door and lock products varies according to the taste of the client. We ensure that the cheapest of our product has the same strength as the costliest one; the variation is price depends on the looks of the locks and doors products. Some of the major doors and locks of our firm are as follows:

  • All kinds of doors: We specialize in all kinds of doors including overhead doors, garage doors etc.
  • Door Security products: We have various door security gadgets which may save your family when you are at work.
  • All types of Locks: We have all types of locks best suited for every place in your home.


Clopay is a leading garage door manufacturer in the country. They provide all varieties of residential garage doors which are not only stylish but are durable too. They provide all types of doors including doors in wood or steel, or a fully insulated traditional raised panel steel garage door.


It is America’s #1 lockset selling firm. They have a complete variety of lock doors which are best suited for your home. Their products include doorknobs, door levers, deadbolts, handlessens, pocket door hardware and electronic keyless entry locks for residential and light commercial applications.


Schlage is the leader in security products for more than 85 years. Our security systems provide you mental peace when you are out for your work which in turn increases the efficiency of the work that you are performing.


They are the legends in making entry door systems. They have thousands of design options for you as far as the entry door systems are concerned. These designs not only add on to the beauty of your home but it also gives a curb appeal to your home.

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