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Wall partitions in Berkeley, CA

Partitions walls are built to separate or divide the rooms. These partitions do not bear any load. The constructions materials of wall partitions include bricks or blocks from clay, terra-cotta or concrete, reinforced, or hollow and glass blocks. Wall partitions help to increase the number of usable rooms in your home.

What are Wall Partitions

Partition walls are structures that can divide your single room into two parts. Partitioning walls not only increases the number of rooms but it also enhances the beauty of your home or workplace. The walls can create an additional room for children or an office. These walls can be made of wallboard, metal, glass or light wood paneling, which can be painted or wallpapered.

Instructions for Wall Partition Projects

The steps that should be taken while performing a wall partition project are as follows:

  • The area of the wall partitioning project should be marked.
  • First of all lay out the bottom track and affix the floor screws and adhesives.
  • The ceiling track is marked using a carpenter’s level which should be held straight and vertically. Then attach the the top track to the ceiling with screws or adhesive along the marks.
  • After the above step install the metal studs vertically into the tracks. The Studs should be cut slightly shorter (about 1/4 inches) than the height from floor to ceiling to allow for expansion and so they will slide inside the track.
  • In this step installation of wallboard or other sheeting material you are using is done on one side of the wall. The wall board should be cut shorter than the floor-to-ceiling measurement and a gap of 1/2-inch should be provided between board and floor and the ceiling to allow for expansion or movement.
  • Finally the wall is insulated and electrical wiring or plumbing extensions are added in the wall. The other side of the wall is filled with the material of your desire and is followed by painting and trimming to the outside walls.

Hire a Wall Partition Contractor in Berkeley

Wall partitioning is a job which requires a high amount of skill with an additional requirement or creativity. Feraru and Associates takes care of your requirements and delivers you one of the best partitioning walls you could have. Our contractors have a lot of past work experience. If you want to have a new world with a partitioning wall project just contact us and our dedicated workers will be at your place as soon as possible.

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