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We Build Green

In the present scenario the impact of home building on our environment is a matter of concern. The new buildings may have some adverse effects on our environment. Green building is a process in which the negative effects of non-green homes on environment are removed. Green buildings are made energy and water efficient. The indoor environmental quality, homeowner maintenance, and the home’s overall impact on the environment are all taken into account. The green building incorporates following two points:

  • Designing and making livable communities.
  • The designed communities should ensure the use of sun and sight to the building’s advantage which in turn provide natural heating, cooling, and daylight.

Techniques of Green Building

The process of green building incorporates the use of some natural ways to preserve water. It also includes recycling of waste. In the following you have the techniques that are used for green building:

  • Planting drought resistant plants and using water efficient practices.
  • Quality and durable structures are built.
  • The builders make sure that the waste is recycled.
  • It is ensured that the built structures are ventilated.
  • The Berkeley contractor ensures use of safe and asbestos free building products.
  • Water and energy efficient appliances are used.

Goal of Green Building

The goal of green building is making homes that use the natural gifts of fresh air and sunlight to its fullest. Another goal of green building is reducing the overall budget of the home building process. Sometimes the cost of individual components of green building may be high but they may help in reducing the whole building cost because other elements such as heating system etc. can be eliminated. If you want to get the benefits of green building evaluation of building process should be done as a whole not item by item.

Benefits of Green Building

The benefits of green building can be in terms of comfort, money and overall satisfaction of an individual. Following are some of the direct benefits of green building:

  • Reduction in the overall budget of home: Green building incorporates water and energy efficient techniques which help in reducing the utility bills of these quantities.
  • Comfort: Green homes are designed to ensure full utilization of sunlight and air. These factors help in maintaining even temperatures throughout the home. These structures have excellent humidity control.
  • Improved indoor environment: In green homes the building materials contain fewer chemicals. Air exchange and filtration systems are designed. There is excellent moisture control. All these factors lead to a very healthy and soothing indoor environment.
  • Durability: Green houses use long lasting components hence reducing the maintenance and repair costs.
  • Conservation of Natural Resources: Green homes use very few natural resources and many of the materials used have recycled contents. The lawns of green houses require less weeding and watering. These factors help in conservation of our natural resources.
  • Higher Market Value: The resale value of green homes is high when compared to its non-green counterparts.

It can be concluded that your green building will give a better environment for you and your family and will also help you save money.

If you want to hire any of our services in Berkeley or if you feel like contributing to this beautiful planet by making a green building, contact us.

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