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Design & Planning: Welcome
Image by Milivoj Kuhar

Design & Planning

We provide design and planning through local design professionals we will help you find an architect or designer fits your needs and budget. We specialize in designs ranging from classical to contemporary or modern custom-built for residential houses. We provide designs for medium to high budgets in Berkeley, California, and in the Bay Area San Francisco.

Interior Design Services

Our interior design service provides initial consultations where we discuss design ideas for your home. The initial consultation is free. Our interior design services include:

  • Schematic Planning: we also provide the service of schematic planning which includes drafting of the base plan, drafted furniture placement plan, drafting the floor plan, making of primary plumbing fixtures selection, making preliminary decorative lighting fixture selections, making preliminary furniture and window treatment selections and choosing flooring covering materials such as carpet, marbles, tiles, etc.

  • Cost Verification: We provide free initial consultation in which one of our representatives visits your place and estimates the total cost for your project.

  • Design of Interior Architecture: Interior architecture designs a high level of creativity and perfection; interior architecture is a combination of interior design, architecture, and industrial design. We have experts who specialize in this area.

  • Color and Material Selection: Every interior has its own color that will help in enhancing the beauty of the place. The harmony of the colors has the ability to make us feel good in our environment.

  • Furniture and Equipment Specification: Our services include providing furniture and equipment specifications. Our furniture ranges from low to high cost, allowing you to choose the furniture, which best suits your home and budget.

  • Interior Construction: Sometimes you may need some construction work for the interior decoration of your home; in that case, our experts are there to assist you in the construction at competitive prices.

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