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Services We Offer

Feraru & Associates Building and Design provide services in the following areas:

Remodeling: At Feraru & Associates we provide all kinds of remodeling assistance. We provide remodeling which helps in optimization of the comfort, luxury, beauty, and quality of life that you and your family live in. Our skillful and committed employees always care for your home possessions during the course of remodeling.

New construction/room additions: Room additions can enhance the overall area of living space or the decor of your home. Our room additions services include room extension, finishing of the basement, finishing of the attic, etc. The cost of room addition varies according to the construction material used. For example, the cost of adding a glass room is higher when compared to a concrete room. You can choose the type of room best suited for your budget from our portfolio.


Earthquake retrofitting and structural work: Earthquake is an unpredictable natural calamity that can have severe results but the damage can be reduced by applying proper construction techniques. We specialize in building structures that can sustain the wear and tear at the times of earthquake. In addition to this, we also retrofit the existing structures to make them capable of fighting this natural calamity.

Foundation work: Cracks and leaks are some common problems of your foundation. Ignorance of these problems may lead to severe results including the demolition of your structure. At Feraru & Associates, we provide all types of services including foundation underpinning, foundation replacements, drainage, bolting / seismic retrofitting, and many more in minimum possible time. The cost of foundation work varies according to the workspace area.


Retaining walls: Retaining wall is a structure that is designed to withstand the lateral pressure of soil due to changes in ground elevation. We provide all types of retaining wall services including earth retention, seismic protection, building fences, installation of new lawns, etc. The overall budget of retaining walls depends on the type of block used and the workspace area.


French drainage: French drainage is a trench made covered with gravel and rock which helps in directing your drainage water away from your place of stay safely. We provide repairing, installing, unblocking, and cleaning of French drainage systems. We have years of experience in the field installation and repair of French drainage. We use the latest equipment to ensure that we repair and install your French drains. Our workers ensure that the project is done in a minimum possible time.


Roofing - new or repairs: We offer new roofs or repair of old roofs for all types of buildings ranging from one story to a multi-story. Our experts ensure the unison of strength and beauty to your roof. We make single-ply, multi-ply, sheet metal, leaders, gutters, and skylights waterproof roofs. The cost of installing a new roof depends on the material used for making the roof. No matter how large or small a project is; we have a reputation for completing it as per the client’s requirements.


Wall Partitions: Wall partition makes sharing a living space which in turn adds a new room to your home at very low cost. We provide services that help the individuals or small businesses with commercial space, which are in need of a conference room, waiting room, phone room, or office space. We ensure that the partitioning is done with minimal distortion in the existing area.


Decks, patios: Patios and decks are structures that can serve as extensions to your home. These extensions help in increasing the living area of your home where you can have a small get together, read the morning newspaper, etc. The popular designs of decks and patios that we make are wood, paver, and stone decks. In addition to this, we make many other types of decks including concrete, marbles, etc. We use textures and colors which ensure the natural look of your deck and patio. The cost of deck and patio depends on the type of material used. The natural stone decks are the costliest of all types.


Windows and doors replacement: We have an expert installer of custom replacement windows and doors. We provide a wide range of doors and windows including aluminum, steel, wood, and aluminum clad products designed to meet both stringent building requirements as well as landmark specifications. We provide the same level of attention to small and big projects. The cost of installation of doors and windows depends on the type of the door/window which the owner of the home wishes to use.


Electrical installation, upgrades, and repairs: Electrical installation is for professionals to handle since a small mistake can have serious consequences. The services that we provide include electrical repairs, safety inspections, circuit breakers, panel upgrades, lighting services, installation services, and wiring. Our company ensures that the whole installation and repair process is done in a minimum possible time.


Plumbing installation: We are the premier provider of plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning services for residential or commercial locations. We provide services for drain cleaning, water & sewer line repair and replacement, toilet repair, rebuilding and installation, water heater, and all kinds of plumbing jobs. Minor jobs can be done by the individual but major jobs should be done with the help of professional plumbing contractors. We give you a free consultation and sometimes the project manager can estimate the cost of the plumbing job over the phone.


Cabinet installation: Cabinets help in filling the empty spaces in your home. They are an integral part of your kitchen. Our cabinet services include installation of new cabinets, replacement of old cabinets by a new one and repairing of cabinets. We have a wide range of designs of kitchen cabinets in our portfolio; you can choose the design that suits your kitchen. We ensure that your project is completed in a minimum possible time. The overall cost of cabinet installation depends on the design and material used for building cabinets.


Painting: In the field of painting Feraru and Associates has earned a reputation in a wide array of decorative solutions to commercial, institutional, and hospitality clients. Our painting services include exterior and interior paint applications, electrostatic spray finishes, wall covering installation and repair and wood and case good refinishing. In addition to these services, we provide decorative painting surfaces like Venetian plaster, metal leafing, and murals. We ensure that the project is finished in a short time.


Flooring (wood floors, carpet, and tile): We provide all kinds of floor solutions to our clients. We install all kinds of floors including wooden, concrete, tiles, etc. Also, we provide carpeting and repairing of old floors. The cost of installation of floor depends on the area of flooring and the type of material used for the floor. You can choose a floor design from our portfolio which suits your home. We provide you free initial consultation which is aimed at estimating the overall budget of your project. We also give you suggestions to improve the quality of your project during the initial consultation.

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