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French Drainage: Welcome

French Drainage Services

French drain systems are usually designed with a PVC pipe that is perforated and installed along the interior perimeter of the foundation or along the exterior of the home. There are many dangers associated with wet and flooded basements. These wet basements can cause structural damage, toxic and contaminated water, mold growth, electrical problems, and similar problems like this which can put you in danger.

General Contractor-French Drainage Services in Berkeley

Our team offers a wide range of services according to your specific needs. Some of the services that we provide to our clients are as follows:

  • We provide services for your basement if its sump pump goes out.

  • Wet flooring or carpet in your basement.

  • Water extraction from basements after floods.

  • Filter drain: It drains groundwater.

  • Distributor drain: distributes water from septic tanks.

  • Collector and Interceptor drain: It combines groundwater drainage with the interception of surface water which is connected directly to underground pipes.


French Drainage System Installations


The process of installation of a French drainage system is started by backfilling the foundation soil of the foundation walls which is followed by laying the drainage system at the bottom of the evacuated area.  After this, a layer of stone is installed over the French drain.  Once the drain is installed, the area is backfilled and the system is left alone unless it clogs.  An external French drain can operate for 10 years or more without any need for maintenance.


Costs Involved For French Drainage Systems


We offer residential solutions for drainage of your home or workplace. Our service starts with the initial visit of our Project Manager who will assess the area and provide suggestions and help in estimating your overall budget of the installation work. We provide services for your basement if your sump pump fails, for water extraction from basements after floods and other drainage work at your home.


Talk to a Remodeling Contractor in Berkeley!


We have contractors trained in French drainage systems and other drainage systems.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our contractors.

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