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Testimonials: Testimonials


We wanted to thank you for all the time spent with us in the remodeling of our bathroom and kitchen. Your help was greatly appreciated. Our thanks also go to all of your crew. They did a great job and were very professional.

Wendy and Cliff Patton

Just a note to say many thanks for your help in making our home so pretty. Without your help, I couldn't have done it. Please take this check and treat yourself and your guys to dinner. This is my appreciation for all you did for me.

Joe Pelate

Sorin Feraru and his dedicated team of European craftsmen were, hands down, our choice to build our remodel. We felt totally connected with the project throughout the building process. The entire team was extremely competent, professional, and polite. Their workmanship is excellent.

Claudia and Thomas Horner

You did a fantastic job on our remodel. We love our house! Thank you for the first-rate work.

Monica and Robert J.

The remodeling of my living room and bathroom with Sorin Feraru and his team went smoothly from the start. Besides being careful at the detailed suggestions I made, Sorin saved me a lot of money with the suggestion to replace a species of wood with another, looking great too. I don't regret that decision. Also, they didn't charge me for a follow-up service on plumbing, which was great.

Monica and Timothy Robinson

Me and my wife were very pleased with the work of Sorin Feraru and his team, especially as we had him doing a lot of jobs in our house, from painting, electrical installations, dry rot repair, new stairs to room remodeling and they did a great job. They answered my questions, but they were also very flexible when I wanted to change details, so am I am very content with both the results and the way they do things.

Ben Smith

I am very thankful for the kitchen job Sorin and his team did. I have an old house and I wasn't very comfortable with the idea of trusting them with it until I met them. Their work is very professional and clean (afterward)and I was very content when they offered extra help with the defective cabinets I bought. I strongly recommend them.

Larissa Owen

I would definitely hire Sorin again, as he did a wonderful job when he remodeled our basement. More, he respected time and budget and he smoothly managed the problems that came out of the blue (our house is old).

Martha R.

Sorin is a very personable and reasonable person and he made himself available for any question or suggestion we had. The crew did a wonderful job with our kitchen and even if it was our first remodeling, the process went smoothly, as we never encountered any problem with them and they cleaned the place before leaving.

Robert T.

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