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Electrical Installations: Welcome

Electrical Services

Electrical installation requires a high level of detail and experience. Always hire a professional electrical installer to avoid major damage.


Electrical Installation Services at Feraru & Associates Building and Design Inc.


We provide a wide range of services in the field of electrical installations, these services range from a small job of domestic electrical installation to large scale electrical installation:

  • Domestic Design of New Builds

  • AC and Heating Circuits

  • Security Lighting Systems

  • House Rewiring

  • New Construction Wiring, etc.

  • Electrical Panel and SubPanel Upgrades

  • Electrical Main Service Upgrades

  • Tesla Wall Connector-Chargers Installation

  • Knob and Tube Wiring Elimination

  • Fuse Box Upgrades

  • Outlets, Receptacles and Light fixtures upgrades

  • Dedicated Circuits and Baseboard Heaters


Types of Electrical Systems & Repairs


Electrical system installation depends on the type and amount of load that is to be used. There are different types of wires that are designed for different types of loads. In addition to the load, it also depends on the spacing between the loads. The different types of wires used in electrical installation are as follows:

  • Triplex wires: These wires are installed to feed the power pole.

  • Main feeder wires: These wires are rated 125% of the total load. It is a Thermoplastic High Heat Resistant Nylon Coated (THHN) wire.

  • Panel feed wires: Two such wires are used for a 100 amps service. These wires are rated at 125 amps which protect the wires if the supply is full 100 amp. It is also a THHN wire.

  • Non- metallic sheathed wires: These wires have two or three conductors and a ground wire with plastic coating. The rating of wire is 15, 20, or 30 amp which is decided by the load.

  • Single strand wire: Single strand wire is insulated and many of these can be pulled into the same pipe.


Costs Involved For Electrical Installations


The cost of electrical installation depends on the amount of current output and the quality of material that you want to use. Larger homes may require 200 amps or more.  The cost of a new meter, disconnect, wire, piping, panel, and a weather head would be included in your budget. We provide free initial consultation which involves estimation of the total budget of your work.


Contact an Electrician in Berkeley!


If you want to be sure to install or upgrade your electrical system safely, contact us to work with our professionals.  Our project manager will assist you as soon as possible and provide a free initial consultation.

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