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Room Additions: Welcome

Room Additions

The manner in which an addition is completed for your property is as important to those of us at Feraru & Associates as it is to you.

Room Additions Remodeling in Berkeley & San Francisco Bay Area


We offer room additions in many sizes. The room addition services that our firm offers are as follows:

  • New room additions

  • Second Story room additions

  • Kitchen addition

  • Bathroom additions


Room Addition Designs & Plans


Room addition is an excellent solution to providing more space in your home. The Project Manager who visits the job site will answer any questions you may have in addition to providing useful suggestions and ideas. After the initial inspection, our engineer and architect develop a 3D design that helps you decide the right design for you and your home. Once you are satisfied with our model, you can decide which materials you would like to be used in construction. We have many designs that you choose from on our portfolio page.


Costs for Room Additions


The price of the addition of a new room depends on the square footage addition of the new room and on which floor the room is to be added; generally, a ground floor addition may be less than an upper floor addition. Another factor to consider is the materials selected for the remodel.

Berkeley Residential Room Addition


We have many examples and ideas for a residential room addition on our site. Let us help you add a kitchen, bathroom, storeroom, or a new living room on any floor in your home. Check out our models and see if you can find an addition that is the best suited for your home.

Contact a Room Addition Contractor in Berkeley & San Francisco Bay Area!


Our firm has contractors with years of experience in room additions, so if you are dreaming about adding more space to your home, we can help make your dreams come true, contact our contractors.

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