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Things to consider when building a deck

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

A wooden deck is a popular home improvement, which offers additional living space. Whether it’s for a weekend barbecue, a coffee with your family and friends or it’s just an ambient, relaxing corner, whether it’s situated in front or in the backyard of your home, a wooden deck is a fancy area which can be decorated in a wide variety of styles If your house doesn’t already have a deck, you might consider into building one.

What is the purpose of the wooden deck

Situated in the backyard of your home, a wooden deck can serve as a relaxing area, in which you can enjoy the sun, reading your favorite magazine. If you have children, then a wooden deck would be perfect as their playing area. Think about it… they can play breathing fresh air and you can watch them all the time from the inside.

Summer evenings can bring you so much joy! A small party with your friends or just a relaxing night watching the stars, they can all be accomplished if you step out onto a wooden deck.

What you should consider before building a wooden deck

Building a wooden deck would save your backyard grass. Wooden decks come in different shapes and styles. They ad visual interest and, let’s be honest, it will be highly appreciated by your friends and family. But what exactly should you have in mind when building a new wooden deck? Here are 5 things which you should consider before hiring a professional.

1. What would you most like to do when stepping outside?

  •  Do you want the wooden deck to serve as a playground area for your children? You can create a special corner for their toys and if it’s raining outside, they can still playon a dry surface.

  • Do you want to invite your friends over a barbeque? If you want to integrate a special area for barbeque, it will save you a lot of time. You wouldn’t have to carry the dishes from the kitchen, because you can integrate a cabinet directly onto the wooden deck. Add a wooden table and some chairs and the hard job is done.

  • Do you want to relax and enjoy the sun? Take a beach lounge, a sun umbrella, a fruit cocktail and spend your day enjoying the sun!

2. Which style

  • According to your house architecture, there are many styles to approach. A terraced wooden deck visually separates different areas. If you want a vintage style, consider into integrating sculpted wood. If your house is more modern, then you should consider having some metal and some glass combining the wooden deck.

3. The shape

  • A visual look will make you realize whether it should be squared, round or rectangular. If the backyard is large, then you can have any shape you like.

4. Roof enclosure

  • How does the weather influences the condition of the deck – could it rain on it constantly or could the sun burning it? Either way, a roof enclosure would save you out of trouble.

5. Color of the wood

  • Using light brown wood will visually look larger. For a more elegant look, dark brown wood would be more appropriate.

No matter what style you choose for your wooden deck, adding some plants, arbors or season flower vases will really change its aspect. A few rocks and some water will create a private oasis where you can add water lilies, lily pads and lotus flowers. There are so many possibilities!

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