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Why are planning, training and inspection needed?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In general the contractors make a variety of considerations when designing a structure. These considerations include budget, materials, and schedule. They also ensure that they follow the regulatory requirements, environmental standards, and legal employment practices. At present security is one of the most important considerations in any type of construction. In 2006, more than 59% of all federal inspections performed by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) nationwide, 22,891 inspections in all, took place in the construction sector. OSHA conducted an additional 27,672 state inspections at construction job sites. The approach to maintain safe job sites is divided into three parts namely: Planning, Training and Inspection.


In planning an assessment of the tasks that are to be performed is done and this is followed by identifying the hazards, then determining how to eliminate or engineer them out.  This helps to avoid accidents before they occur. This process is initiated before the start of the project and is repeated every morning till the completion of the project.

Safety Training

Training is the second step involved in a successful safety plan. Training can range from in-house to training from professional consultants. Consultant training involves more specialized educational needs, like storm water management and environmental training. Training provides an opportunity for workers to identify upcoming trends in compliance.

Safety Inspections

The last step of the successful safety program is to self-inspect. In this step supervisors and safety representatives visit the job site several times a week.  Their visit is aimed at observing processes, documenting procedural violations and potential hazards, and implementing corrective actions. In general, the results of following the above steps are very good as there is usually a drastic decrease in on-site accidents. These training techniques have educated workers about the inherent risk of working on a construction site and demonstrate how they can take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe work environment.

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