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First steps in kitchen remodeling

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Kitchen is the place where you usually spend most of your time when you’re at home. Whether you cook or you eat, whether you invite your friends and chat about everything or you meet you’re family every night, a kitchen should provide the space and the facilities you need to feel comfortable.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a real challenge, if you are not properly INFORMED ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY you have to do. From replacing the window frames to changing or introducing a kitchen island, here are some tips on how to prepare before stating the job.

Plan your budget

The most important thing before starting to plan the remodeling is to think about your budget. How much money are you willing to spend on it? Does all the appliances should be changed or you can keep some of it?

Planning a budget is not an easy thing to do, but everything you want to change depends on how much money you have and you want to spend on remodeling.

Choose the perfect style for your kitchen

After knowing how much money you will invest, you have to choose the style that you want to approach. If you have no idea, do some research about traditional, classic or modern kitchens and see what suites you.

A professional kitchen planner could help you very much and could guide you in choosing the correct style, according to the kitchen’s space and facilities. You can have all the amenities that you want, even in a small kitchen. The style should define you as a person and should make you feel just like home.

What do you do most in your kitchen?

If you are a dedicated cook, consider to spend a serious amount of money on appliances, dishes and kitchen tools. If the food preparation isn’t your hobby, than you may consider in extending the entertainment area.

A kitchen island, a wider table or some extra chairs for your friends may be the right choice.

How much storage space do you need?

A wide space is so simple to arrange, but how can you have all the facilities in a smaller kitchen? This is a frequent question and the answer is not always simple. You have to use all the space that you have by arranging the cabinets like a puzzle.

Every kitchen needs a storage space, even if it’s only for corn flakes and peanut butter or you have a large amount of kitchen tools. The important thing is to realize how much storage space you need, according to your way of living and your needs of cooking.

Design your kitchen

Even if you have plenty of possibilities, you may consider the 5 standard kitchen design plans:

  • The One-Wall Design – arrange everything on a single wall

  • The Corridor Design – in this case, maintaining the classic kitchen triangle will help you a lot.

  • The L-Shape Design – this is a popular kitchen design and can be chosen when you have a wide kitchen.

  • The Double-L Design – this type of arrangement will allow you to have two working spaces.

  • The U-Shape Design – it looks like the corridor type, but with a closed end.

Remodeling your kitchen is a big investment and it also involves replacing cabinets, install counter tops, repainting the walls, changing the ceramic tiles, replacing the floor or lightning specific areas.

The floor should be resistant and no matter what you choose, be careful to like it, because you will step on it for quite a while. You can light a specific area in your kitchen, you can have hidden lights or small lamps, according to the design that you will choose.

How much will it take to finish the remodeling?

It’s very hard to answer this question because the remodeling period is directly related with the changes you want to have.

If you want to change the floor, the cabinets and to repaint the walls, it could take you a month or two if you want to do it yourself and less longer if you hire a specialized team.

If you decide to remodel your kitchen, we advice you to do your homework before starting. You should consult a designer, a contractor, internet articles, books or kitchen stores.

Planning the remodeling of your kitchen can also be fun and relaxing.

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